How much is a Miniature Schnauzer puppy?

We price our puppies with the thought of them going to new homes quickly and beginning the bonding process with their new families. The older a puppy is when going to his or her new home the more difficult the transition is to a new family. 

The best time for bonding is between 8-10 weeks of age. Although, all of our puppies are well socialized with people and do not seem to have any problem fitting in with their new families, even when they are a little older. 

I think that Miniature Schnauzers are wonderful little family dogs. I realize that there is many people who simply can’t afford thousands of dollars for a pet. It does cost a breeder quite a bit of time, energy, effort and money to raise a quality litter of puppies. Our purpose is to ensure that our puppies go to loving forever homes. 

For a puppy to be held, we require that a deposit of $100 be placed on him/her within 24 hours. Deposits must be made through  Note: If after the 24 hour deadline a deposit has not been received for the puppy you are interested in, he/she will again be made available to approved homes. Until your deposit is received, I will mark “pending” on your puppy’s photos. Once deposit is received, photos will then read “sold Going to live with my new family (your first name)”

The balance for your puppy is due when you pick your puppy up or when we meet for delivery. The final payment will be in cash. We will provide you with a receipt for your puppy. We are willing to hold a puppy under special circumstances; however puppy must be paid in full for us to do so. It is crucial for puppies to begin bonding with their new families as soon as they can. Therefore, a puppy that is being held will not be held past the age of 10 weeks without prior arrangements being made with us.