Question: Can we come visit your “facility” and meet your dogs before we place a deposit down?


We are “home breeders”.¬† We do NOT run a commercial dog kennel or breeding facility.

Being a home breeder  is actually one of the main reasons most of our families pick us in the first place when looking for their Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

Families want a puppy that’s been raised in a family environment like we do. This is our home, we have to have some basic safety and privacy boundaries in place about who we allow to come to our home.

Most breeders that I know, won’t allow customers to come to their homes ever, not even to pick up their puppy. They’ll meet you somewhere local or meet you in between their location and yours.

That’s not how we like to do things…but… please understand why we do this. We would like for our puppy families to be able to come and meet the puppies and their parents..but we just have to be careful about who we invite into our home for privacy, health and security reasons, for our family and our newborn puppies.

Sorry if that’s a deal breaker for you..but..that’s just the way it has to be for the safety of my family and my dogs.